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21st of May 2020

Pre-Congress Course

Keynote speaker: Dr Luis Carrière (Spain)


„SAGITTAL FIRST: Treatment Planning Transformed“


Dr Carrière is charting new territory with his groundbreaking SAGITTAL-FIRST Philosophy. Correcting the Class II or Class III malocclusion at the beginning of treatment, when patients are most compliant, provides greater efficiencies, shorter treatment times and long-term aesthetics. Dr Carrière will show how using the Carriere® Motion Appliance to correct the AP, reposition the mandible, and expand the airway, reduces average treatment times to 12 months or less. This new unique and innovative treatment approach ensures that the orthodontist addresses the total facial harmony of the patient. Dr Carriére will also review soft tissue analysis and how to ensure long term treatment results which benefits patients as they age.


Dr Carrière will provide ground-breaking clinical evidence that will challenge your views on traditional treatment philosophies. Each attendee will leave this event with a unique set of new tools to differentiate their practice, satisfy your patients, while maintaining optimal clinical results.


Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve Class II and Class III correction in an average of three to four months

  • Correct Class II or Class III malocclusions at the beginning of treatment, prior to

  • bracketing or aligner therapy

  • Using efficient tooth movement (Passive Self-Ligation) to reduce average treatment

  • times

  • Reduce the number of extractions required

  • Achieve occlusal and soft tissue results, which ensures long-term stability and optimal

  • aesthetics


22nd of May 2020

First day of the Congress

I SESSION               Free topics

II SESSON               Free topics 



Keynote speaker: Dr Ivo Marek (Czech Republic)


  • Clinical management of multiple agenesis – demanding procedure to the goal 

  • Ortho-prosthodontic reconstruction of dentition in patients with massive abrasion

  • Orthodontic treatment of patients with aggressive periodontitis a clash of rationalities or a clash caused by rationality 

  • Bone formation by orthodontic movement as part of interdisciplinary cooperation 

Congress Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will take place at the Tallinn TV Tower restaurant. Situated on the 21st floor of the historical and iconic Tallinn TV Tower, the restaurant offers the best view of Tallinn and beyond. The fairly retro looking interior is complimented with the modern food trends. Shuttle buses with guides are offered for the dinner guests. Short excursion at the TV Tower interactive museum floor is also available for the guests.



23rd of May 2020

2nd day of the Congress

I SESSION                  Free topics



Keynote speaker: Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser (Italy)


  • Dentofacial asymmetries from kindergarten to adulthood

  • Missing teeth in the aesthetic zone: common and uncommon treatment strategies




Keynote speaker: Dr. Jörg Schwarze (Germany)


  • What I learnt from treating 2000 Invisalign cases: An overview of theory and practice.


24th of May 2020

Post-Congress Study Club

Invisalign Study Club

Speaker: Dr Jörg Schwarze (Germany)

NB! The Study Club will accommodate 50 participants. Registration is managed on the first come - first serve basis. 

Preliminary programme presents currently only confirmed keynote speakers and will be updated continuously. 

The organisers of the Congress have the right to make changes in the programme.